Dan Taylor – Time Trial

This is the second season I’ve been working with Velo Coaching and Mark.

The reason I continued for a second season was because of the great service I’ve received and the large improvements I have made due to their input. The personal and focused training plans that Mark has given me have helped me to turn from an also ran to someone who regularly now manages top three results and I’ve even managed to bag a few wins.

This wouldn’t have been possible without his help. Mark has helped me to identify goals and developed plans that have enabled me to meet these whilst also taking into account my work and family commitments. He’s always there for advice and is willing to listen and work with me to adapt and change things according to my needs. I’m glad I gave Velo Coaching a go to help me improve and get out of cycling what I wanted to.

Mike Thompson – MTB

Mark was my coach for 2 years, he started with me as a novice racer, I had competed in 2 MTB races and was hooked and as at 14 years old was very keen to improve.

He took me on in the winter of 2009, his enthusiasm and set aims were brilliant, he knew what was needed to be improved so he set about a well structured training plan which suited my needs and still fitted in time for me. With weekly training plans and regular communication we made progress.

Mark has a vast knowledge of sport in general, and in cycling it is so apparent, he understands the science behind it and knows everything that is needed in every discipline from time trials to cyclo cross. I feel with his support he helped me improve my skills and strength as a cyclist.

After 2 years I had moved to being part of the Olympic Development Programme, racing World Cups and stepping onto the podium in the National MTB series several times, this was due to Mark’s hard work and commitment to guiding me through my training to reach attainable goals. I feel that he has everything an excellent coach needs to have.

John Wych – Coach

I’ve been a cyclist for over 45 years including having raced most of the disciplines for a total of around 20 years – I started very young!

Within this experience, I’ve worked as a mountain bike guide and now as a professional coach. It was through adding to my coaching qualifications I met Mark who was instructing a mountain bike course. I decided it would be good to have some coaching for me (and 3 of my friends) on improving my own techniques and skills.

Mark set up a day where we built on and improved our skills steadily at a level which was just right for us. Techniques were explained, broken down, put back together and then progressed. We had a full and really fun day. I was impressed but not surprised with the professionalism of the coaching, course instructions and organisation on the day.

I’m keen to keep the learning going following the course, to do more with Velo Coaching and to keep clearing those jumps I never thought I could! Thanks John Wych.

 British Virgin Islands – Necker Island

Thank you so much for your help these past few days, its been brilliant! Was so nice to have you here and you slotted straight in, Its actually quite hard to give Richard (Branson) instruction and he loved it!
Necker Island (Road Cycling July 2016)