Bike Kit

Water Resistant MTB Leaders Rucksack Cover


These water-resistant rucksack covers are made to fit rucksacks 20-35 litres. Two colours are available in either orange or black. Both covers have a wide reflective strip and reflective wording displaying ‘MTB Leader’. Both covers are silver-lined and will simply fit over your rucksack.

A really handy cover to identify the group leader to your riders, motorists and other users in the outdoors.  Extremely useful for both day and night time leading.

Price includes free postage.


Velo Sock


The VELOSOCK will help you keep your indoors and car clean from dirt that sticks to a bike after a ride. This is also ideal for keeping a bike in a hotel room,

These are easy to fit and are made of a highly stretchy fabric. One size fits 99% of all adult bicycles.

The cover is washable and easy to store.

Pictures attached – bike and cat not included!

Includes free UK shipping.