Coaching Packages

We offer two coaching packages to our clients: Basic & Intensive

Basic Coaching Package

£70.00 2 hours

This package consists of one 2-hour consultation at our Studio in Driffield. An initial rider profile is completed before the appointment and on the day your weight, BMI, fat % measurements are taken. An agreed suitable test is undertaken using heart rate and accurate power testing equipment. A review is conducted with you of the test results and then a discussion on your personal and individual goals with your written results and written coaching advice provided.
We use a variety of tests specific to a rider’s goal – this could be functional power, sprint test, repeated short term muscle endurance or a sub maximal test. All for just £70 for a 2 hour appointment and report.

Intensive Coaching Package

£50 plus £75 per month

We offer affordable online coaching with the bonus of free appointments at our Velo studio. Our prices and package are great value for all types of riders from elites to recreational riders. We aim to get you fitter, faster and help you achieve your cycling goals.

So, what’s included?

  • Free Indoor testing and field testing as required
  • Weekly coaching plans
  • Annual planning
  • Free bike fit with video analysis
  • Premium account on Training Peaks

Cost for your own British Cycling Coach is just £70 per month and with a one-off £50 set up fee.

Sign up with Mark for £50 setup & £70 p/m