Velo Studio

Bike Fitting

We provide bike fitting services for road, cyclocross and mountain bike riders to maximise your bike set up for performance, comfort and safety.

Our 3 hour fit involves an initial interview and assessment of the rider, followed by shoe cleat set up, saddle measurements, then using the STT 2DMA biomechanical video analysis and fitting tool, we carry out a dynamic assessment of your position. Our qualified fitter then make any necessary changes as required and all measurements are recorded, then provided in your follow up report.

Our comprehensive bike fitting service is at our Driffield studio.

Have your bike set up by a professional expert who can tailor your bike setup to accommodate your riding style and fitness level.


Mark from Velo Coaching setting up bicycle height
Mark from Velo Coaching setting up bicycle level
Velo Coaching offer cycle profiling at their Driffield studio
Velo Coaching offer cycling coaching and technical advice